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About us

I started this business out of my home in March, 2016. My wife and I love candles, so I done some research looking for a candle that holds it's scented fragrance longer than other candles. Burns clean and does not leave a waxy film on walls or furniture. I chose the palm wax candles. This oil wax is taken from the tree much like when they take syrup from a tree. So, this is a green economical way to gather the wax without harming the tree. These candles come in many scents and sizes. I also started carrying fragrance oils when I out grew my home. I opened a brick and mortar store in Madison, Virginia on July 1, 2017 for those people that like to see the candles in person. We also have samples of some of the candles and melts we sell. So come by, look around and feel free to ask any questions.